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Valentines day

Some people may want to wake up to those long cute texts that are posted all over twitter, tumblr, Instagram and every other social network but the only thing I want to wake up to is a simple “good morning beautiful” from the love of my life…sure it’s simple but that’s what we are. We just work, we seem as if we’ve known each other our whole life when we simply met at a business lunch in Richmond with our parents not even a year ago and just started talking on thanksgiving after I babysat our drunk parents while he went on a hunting trip…I remember ever little thing about our relationship and about him… The things I remember are very limited in every aspect in my life due to some minor injuries to my brain but I try my best to remember every little thing about the guy I love. Loving someone doesn’t matter on the messages you send, the things you remember or the things you do…loving someone matters simply on how your heart feels elevated 100stories in the air when you’re around them and when I’m with him, I’m in a different world…he’s my world

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